Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Friday night, Sandi invited me to join her and the gals for witches night out. I almost didn't have a costume, other than a sparkly hat, but Aaron saved the day by buying 2 dresses for NAT, one of which was too big for her...but fit me. yeay! With some fishnets from mom, and shoes from nat, tada! I was a witch. The most fun part was getting everyone witch-a-fied. Katie met up with us too. She drove like a bat out of hell to get down from Logan in time. All in all--it was a pretty cool night. Freezing. and far too many people-some of whom were not dressed in even a witch hat, but fun! The bread bowls were amazing! I wanted to post with more pictures, but I didn't have a camera, and Becca hasn't posted hers yet. *hint.hint* Marcy took the one I have posted. Thanks Marcy <3 Yeay for dressing up! Next year, we're going to throw our own party. With Caramel apples that don't stick to the paper and cider, and lots of dressing up! yeay for feeling 19 again.

p.s. false eyelashes itch like cr*A*zy, but totally worth it.


nat said...

yeah..fake eyelashes are all fun and games..until someone loses an eyelash? ha.. you get what I mean. OW!!!

moethetroll2 said...

Sup Chris... Looks like you've been busy man!


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