Sunday, October 25, 2009

3rd time's a charm

So after 2 no shows, the buyers agent from Herriman finally came through, yesterday at 11:34. I hope we are able to get some feed back on what his clients thought.

Vic from Alpine said we're all dried out and took the fans. I wasn't going to go to church--as Simon and I usually end up in the smelly nursing lounge for most of church anyway. But we all packed up and went anyway. I figured if he needed to feed, I'd just come home. Well, we got there, and it turned out the special needs mutual was doing our sacrament meeting. It was so phenomenal. How amazing to have a mutual where they can meet, be accepted as who they are and have fun together. the whole time I different life in PA would have been for my sister if she would have had a place to go like that every week. A place to shine. A place to be seen as the incredible girl she is. She's grown so incredibly much over the years. No one expected much of her at all, and now she's in her senior year of college, handling a work load that would give me nightmares. She talks about Masters degree soon too. Incredible. They sang this song called Someday, written by their YM president. It spoke of how someday they would see, speak, think and hear like "you" and how someday kneel at the Father's feet and be told well done. I couldn't hold in the tears. Ava was concerned that water was coming from my face...but I just held her tighter. Such wonderful happy people.

After church, we drove down to moms for October-birthdayfest. Pam, Russ and Mom all have October birthdays. It was great fun! We did a huge salad dinner--everyone brought their favortie salad stuff and we share. I love these dinners. You can eat multiple salads if you want, and not walk away feeling gross. You know that you're eating well. We got mom Nightmare Before Christmas, and ava insisted that she watch it RIGHT AWAY. After the movie we played Quiddler. FUN FUN GAME! must be a new cabin game for sure! The Godfreys would rock this game. i can only imagine Meesh and Eric battling it out.

Well I'd better get upstairs to meet senor adjuster--hopefully he's feeling generous.

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nat said...

your house is crazy! ha. love ya

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