Monday, October 12, 2009

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It's been almost a full week. We've had one agent come through--Saturday. He says it shows very well, is clean and bright...lots of thumbs up. His clients wanted a fully fenced bigger yard though. At least, at least I know that the negative we received wasn't really something I could change. Sure, we could throw money at a fence, but it wouldn't change the size of the yard...and we don't have the budget for that anyway. Also, I'd miss the ease I can get to Hilary...not sure she would ;) but something about seeing Kate at that window .... makes my day!

A lot of people think now that our house is perfect, that I'd want to stay more....but it's the opposite. Now that we've got it looking great, I'm wishing we were already gone, before Ava or I mess it up. I'm a clutz and I do before I fully think things through, and Ava is an artist and has the need to draw. Not sure where she finds pens and crayons, because it can take me a good 20 minutes to track one down, but I'm actually having nightmares of her painting the walls and kids invading our home with muddy shoes. I don't do well living under such extreme clean rules. I'm not a slob, I hope...but having to have things perfectly in place 24/hours a day is nerve wracking to me. It's hard on Ava too. She's learning good habits though--making her bed--so cute to watch! And cleaning up what little toys she has here, before moving to the next activity.

We know this is a move we are meant to make. The Lord is calling us elsewhere. Yesterday, they were talking about the saints being called to move just as soon as they'd get their homes colonize new parts of Utah...and I just kept thinking over and over, that's kind of what we're going through. We just put SO much money into this house with the basement and such, and as soon as the last project was finished, Chris comes home and announces it's time to switch gears completely in our lives...throw out the plan and start anew. Usually, something like that would make me sick for days as I plan and replan etc, but I felt it was true, and kicked our butts into high gear getting things ready. I'm sad to leave our area, but I feel we'll be back perhaps..I really want Ava to attend Eve's preschool. We're still going to be close for playdates's just time for Chris to be able to move on with his life professionally and scholastically. It's going to be a growth period for all of I'm learning my constant lesson...patience. May there be enough to get me through this ;)


Julie said...

Hi! I got her from your facebook. I am so glad that we can keep in touch more. I am so glad that you are following the Lord's promptings. You will be blessed, and things will work out.

I have a blog, it is private, so if you would like I could invite you, just let me know and I will send you and invite.

B-Blogit said...

I can totally understand the moving on. It seems we do that quite frequently. We moved on from the burg to ut and then travel nursing and now semi permenant here.

I think that is the way life goes and trials. We learn and then it is time to move on and learn some more!

Best wishes with the house selling too!

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