Saturday, January 1, 2011


After 3 days of rain, it began snowing about 3pm on Wednesday. I went into Carters with Pam running from the rain, and came out 20 minutes later to about an inch of snow. It took us over an hour to get from Riverdale, to Layton to pick up the kids, and back home to Clearfield. I had so many great ideas of how to suprise Ava for when she got home, but that dang snow ate up all that time, and so, I began to delegate. Chris ordered a round pink cake from Winegars--yeay to them for not needing 24 hours. Thank you so much! :)
Angie hunted for ponies to put on the cake. THANK YOU!
pam and Steve stayed with the kids, so that I could go pick up the cake and balloons, and some dinner. Despite the crazy snow storm, Sandi, Pam, Steve, Mike-the little German man, Matt, Madison and Colty were all able to come for a party for Ava.
Thank you to Pam who cut the intensely pink cake-that we all decided was dangerously pink. I've never seen anything so pink in my life.
All she wanted was PINK. Pink icecream. Pink Cake. Pink balloons. and orange. and purple. and some yellow.
I think overall it was a great party. She even got a sleepover, because I wouldn't even let Pam think about driving back to Provo in the messy weather. Thanks to Matt for games and an air mattress. Thanks to Mike for making yummy German breakfast, that I've continued to eat non stop. Crepes > size 6 butt. Seriously. Crepes also = greater than size 6 butt coincidentally ;)
A bike!!! from me and Chris. I have to say that I was hoping for FAR MORE excitement. But I guess that's what happens when you give it 1. not built. and 2. in the winter.
Make up kids-from Madison. I've received countless mani and pedis since. Barbie Nail Polish. ROCK!
A Helmet and knee pads (I think) and new sheets from Granni and Poppa. The sheets have the new Tinkerbell fairy and her friends. Great for Spring!
Play dough and a hippity-hop from Simon. He's such a thoughtful brother. ;)

Here are some photos of the night!

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