Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good news! Ava's runny nose is all better! I took those smelly boots back to Charlotte Russe, and Ava is all better now. YEAY! for no cold.

She is, however, becoming more and more anti clothes & anti diaper. We had a huge battle last night after her bath. She wanted to go to bed in her birthday suit. I finally gave up thinking I'd wait until she was asleep and just put a diaper on her. My first attempt was pathetically unsuccessful, but about midnight, she was out enough that I could get it on. She came in about 8am asking for fruit snacks and said "NO ELMO!" and pulled off her diaper. *Sigh* Any advice on how to get through this phase? She's terrified of sitting on the toilet seat that we got for her, but recognizes that is where she is supposed to potty and loves to flush, but won't sit there. I haven't really forced the potty training issue--and crap milk spill all over the couch.


Bilary said...

I'm glad she is feeling better. Hayden and Kate have something similar. No fevers, just runny noses and major congestion. And they are ONRY! (But they get that from their mother!)

Blake said...

Baby J is pulling off his diaper now too and walking around letting it all hang out. Not sure who taught him that but if he runs around in just a diaper, off it comes.
Just have to get video of it once or something.

daiseymae said...

If she hates the diaper try Panties. I tried the potty training in less than a day method with my younger girls and LOVED it After 3 to 4 hours . . . I never had to change another diaper. Well not until the next baby at least. I got the book from the library, read it, set the date and went for it. I decided when it worked best into my schedual and it was easy. Intense, but easy.

Hey I have a blogger question for you, can you call me sometime when you have a minute and are feeling well.

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