Monday, November 10, 2008

new postage

after a slight hiadus i've become a posting machine. anyway..chris is currently vaccuuming since I'm not feeling well, and Ava's hanging out nakey in her Thomas chair as a protest against clothes and diapers. Ahhh toddlers.

I just heard that the new marketing laws for Title companies have been passed. We have 45 days to put it into effect. Mixed emotions. It's weird. I've known this was coming for 5 or 6 months now...and it's here. Will I continue to do odd jobs with Inwest; will I do a part time gig elsewhere; will I cease being an employee all together and be only mom? many questions...with answers yet to come.

also.. a bit random but a slight need to celebrate. As of Friday's car payment, our car loan is UNDER $7,000!!!!!! woooo hoooooo!

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Blake said...

what is with toodlers and wanting to be naked. J'alee does this every once in a while also.

YAY! for the car payment. Chipping away a cent at a time is how i feel sometimes.

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