Monday, November 10, 2008

ava had a rough night last night. no fever. but a very congested little body. about 5am we put her in a bath and gave her Benadryl. then, she did the cutest thing....she closed her eyes, folded her arms and started a prayer. she rattled off bless hayden, and madison, and lana. and play wis madison and hayden and lana. amen. she did this 3 times during her bath. she was really wanting to feel better so she could play with them later. she fell back to sleep about 6 and got up at 8 and is running around as if she wasn't up all night. i barely got out of bed. i had a pile of work waiting for me too-joy! she is still having some nasal congestion but i think it might be an allergy to those stupid boots i bought at charlotte russe. they smell like gasoline. my whole house reaks now. i think i'm going to take those back--it's not worth it man.

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Bilary said...

Awww, that is the sweetedst thing that she was praying so that she could get better and play. What a sweetie.

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