Thursday, November 20, 2008

THANK YOU!!! for calming me down and for the referrals and raves of your docs and ORMC experiences.

I am a carters/oshkosh fanatic. I get coupons all the time. I wasn't sure if any of you out there are fans, but here's a coupon that you can print out and take with you to carters.
There's a new carters store on RIVERDALE ROAD, right next to Dress Barn.

And if you fancy a drive to Park City, Draper or St George to visit the Oshkosh be sure to take this coupon for some extra savings.

I have mondo work to do. Chris and I have been wanting to go see the new Bond, and have plenty of offers from people to watch Aves, and I think we're finally going to go tonight. If the stars all align ;) we might just have a date night...

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Kris said...

Did you get to go? We just watched the first one as a review, but haven't ventured out to see the new one. Hope you got your date night!

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