Tuesday, November 25, 2008

so today i worked very hard in my yard. I cut back my mums, weeded, put down special dirt, and did mulch in the back. Special thank you to my fabulous neighbor Hilary for sharing their dinner with my family. Not only was it ridiculously delicious, but without it, my family would have surely starved, because I cannot move. My over-achieving attitude towards the flower beds has resulted in a soreness I have not ever before known, right to the hands even aching. And of course, there is not a Tylenol to be found. UGH! The saddest part is...I didn't even finish yet. I ran out of the special soil before I finished the front, and from how much mulch it took to do the back bed, I'd say there are about 6 more bags to do up front. I will say, however, that I know it will be worth it. The back looks SO much better. SO much better. And...hopefully, my bulbs will bloom in the spring. I planted tulips and some other flower I can't spell. Thanks to Mary for her bulb food--now they won't starve during winter. Thanks to Chris for helping me up the stairs tonight when I got about 6 from the top and pretty much decided that's where I would die. *yes, I am a bit of a drama queen*

Val flies in at 10 am .... wooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooo! Get ready for some serious shenanigans.

p.s. the house is still a mess. ga! one back breaking--literally eh?--task at a time I suppose.


Bilary said...

Are you doing okay today? I hope that you got a good night's sleep and that you are feeling like a new woman - well, as new as you can feel while you are growing a baby! If I don't talk to you before tomorrow, have a fantastic Thanksgiving!!!

Blake said...

ha! I can relate to this about the back and yard work! Im glad that you were able to do that. I know you have talked about it before.

BTW Mums are so popular in CT though im not quite sure why, but they are nice.

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