Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ok I need some serious input here.

My current OBGYN is an IHC doc. I had Ava at McKay Dee-in my opinion, one of the cleanest, most beautiful hospitals ever, with one killer cafeteria! I love them and have always received top notch care when we go.

Our company's insurance quote for 09 went up 12%!!!! So, they are voting between staying with the current provider--and employees--rightfully so--absorbing the cost, or switching to a new plan, which does NOT cover IHC facilities or doctors.

Not only does this mean I have to switch doctors in my last trimester--fun fun--but I CAN'T DELIVER AT MCKAY DEE!!!!! I'm a hospital SNOB. I admit that right off. My options: Davis or Ogden Regional

I went to see Kira when she had Jayden at Davis, and was disgusted by the room. It was dirty and dingy and about 20 years old. I realize they've had some updates lately and are rated for their maternity care, but the one time I was taken there for ER visit, I left with a bladder infection and UTI, and no, I wasn't admitted with either. Also, instead of sending my insurance company a bill, so that they could get paid for that ER fun--they threw me straight into collections. Not a great experience.

I have never been to Ogden Regional so I don't know anything good or bad.

So if you've delivered either place, please give me your experience. Give me a referral of a GREAT OBGYN. I have to have a c-section, as Ava was delivered that way, and I don't want to chance tearing my scar from her birth. You can email me if you don't want to leave it here.

Company input is supposed to be submitted by tomorrow on our votes for either taking the increase, or switching...yikes.


Stephanie Oelkers said...

I had an insurance switch in my 3rd trimester and I found out that most insurance companies will treat your out of network doctor as in network if you're past a certain point. The only catch is that the doctor will bill you directly and you have to submit all the stuff to the insurance company yourself. May be worth it to not have to switch docs. This does not solve the hospital problem though...Good Luck!

Candace said...

My sister has delivered both of her boys at Ogden Regional. She really liked it there. The rooms there are much bigger then Mckay's because they have you deliver and stay in the same room. So you don't have to go to a seperate post partum room like. So kinda nice. Also me and my sister have the same doctor. Dr.Hartman his office is at Mckay Dee, but I think he takes a lot of insurances. He is so great. He has been around for quite awhile and several of my friends go to him, and they have had to have c-sections and say he is great with those as well. So I hope this helps!

Blackeyedsue said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE ORMC!!!! I had fantastic care, a BEAUTIFUL room and yummy food...I LOVE their food!

Also, you do labor, delivery and recovery all in one room. They are very pro your-birth-your-way. They have these fantastic jacuzi tubs in each room.

Also, I am not a fan of OBGYN's, I have used a midwife for my last two babies after my first OB was a military cut 'em and get 'em out type.

I LOVE Guy Cox. His office is in the Women's Center at the hospital. I refered Amberleah to him, so ask her what she thinks. He practices like a doctor but is SO kind and loving and genuine. My sisters all go to him as well. LOVE HIM. NO doctor will give you a hug after you have a baby or be excited to see you when you bump into him at Wal-Mart. His nursing staff is incredible as well. If you are interested, I will give you his number.

Good luck and let us know what you decide!

Blackeyedsue said...

(Oh, and I delivered all three of my babies at ORMC. I used to check the ears there. I would travel from out-of-state to deliver there.)

Mary said...

I had both of my kids at davis and I had top notch care there. I also had to take grace there when she fell out of her crib at 7 mnths she had a concusion and they took great care of us. My doc is teela sorensen she is at tanner in syaruce she is great mike runs into her at cracker barrel and she loves to see him and pictures of the kids. SHe also gives you a storke after the birth of you baby with the date and weight. She takes alot of care in her patients. She is awsome. Good luck

Allison said...

I delivered at Davis and had a great room and great experience, so I really think it just depends on your nurses, room, etc. I have heard good things about ORMC too, so I think with either you can't go wrong. I had Teela Sorenson for Abby and am now with Karen Boheen and I like her too. Her office is in Layton, and I believe that she delivers at ORMC and Davis. It's hard because you will hear bad/good things about the same doctors and hospitals, etc. Good luck!

daiseymae said...

I have heard that Ogden regional is great. I have several family members that have delivered there and loved it and I was impressed when I visited. Also dr Naisbitt at circle of life womens center is great if they accept your new insurance, which I'm sure they do. He has to be the best Dr. in Utah. I actually planned on flying in for Dr. visits and delivery once when we concidered moving otu of state while I was pregnant. Good luck!

Blake said...

it wasnt that dirty and dingy! Although the room you had was much much better!!
The Labor room was nicer though for sure.

Kris said...

Hey! I had baby 1 at Davis and baby 2 and McKay Dee. I had great experiences at both places! I go to a midwife...Dale Hardy at Generations. LOVE HIM! (He's in a building next to Davis.) THe only thing...he doesn't do C-Sections. THe OB he works with, Michael Healy, does the C-sections, but he's great too. I have quite a few friends that go to Dale too.

Good luck!

Kiralyn said...

Hey my room wasn't that dirty!! ;) It was one of the old rooms too, but Blake had a bed. The ED at Davis really sucks, it sucked when Blake went there and it still sucks! But, I will say the staff's experience is great (which is most important when you are depending on someone to take care of you!) I would take that over a million dollar room any day! But, that is just a nurses opinion! ;) As for a doctor I have heard great things about Michael Healy. I go to his CNM and he had to check me out once and he is super nice! Also, when the baby is born he gives you a teddy bear with a cute scrub shirt that has all the baby's info on it!! ;)

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