Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ava was playing in the bath for about 45 minutes today. I usually heat the water a 2nd time and then once it goes cold, it's over. She would stay in the bath all day if I let her. I pulled the plug and brought in a towel. I asked her to stand up (as bending over isn't one of my specialties anymore) and she definately laid belly down and continued to play. I laughed and when the water was all out, threw the towel on her and said..."where's ava?" She laughed and didn't come out. So I walked out to the hallway, waited a minute, came back in and said..."where's Ava" there was no response. I walked closer and heard a rumbling....the towel moved up and down slowly to the rhythm of her SNORES! she had fallen asleep in the bathtub.

Considering she had been up since 5am I can't say that I was TOO surprised, but still...it was a little shocking that in the minute I was in the hall she had passed out in an empty bathtub.
I picked her up...she still snored.
I carried her into her room...snoring continued
Pulled off the towel....snoooooooooooore
Put her into her bed...eyes SHOT open and she screamed ...NO I PLAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!

She has been up since. I even took her for 2 car rides thinking if she'd been SO exhausted as to fall asleep in the empty tub that she'd surely fall asleep in the car seat...but no. She's been playing and all over the place not showing even the smallest sign of the energy ending. I've heard power naps can be amazing...but a 2 minute power nap? She did, however, bring me a blanket and took my glasses when we were watching "toons" and said "mommy a nap! shhh night night" I was so extremely tired that I almost took her up on it....but the whole...wow that's a BAD idea kept me awake. It's now almost 5pm....long long LONG day...the minute she crashes...SO AM I.


Amanda said...

You have THE BEST stories. Love it :) Good luck and I hope you get some rest SOON!

Bilary said...

That's so funny that she fell asleep in the tub. What a sweetie. Isn't that just how it goes that they will sleep through everything but going to bed. The stinkers. I hope you get rest soon!

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