Wednesday, March 11, 2009

let's see...what haven't I forgotten yet

At 5:50pm March 10th, 2009 Simon Heiner Cope joined our family. He was 7 pounds 10 ounces and 20 inches. He was delivered by Dr. Jiricko by c-section. I have to say, that this time around was way different than my first. Being a scheduled c-section had its pros--such as no labor. babysitters were scheduled. bags were packed. I even got a pedicure right before hand. If I was going to get shrek feet, they were going to be soft! I hadn't ever had one before, and I have to was something I would do again...although, not too often, or I'll lose my claim to 5'3. The cons--the IV was difficult due to an 8 hour mandatory fast. oh wait, back up. cons--8 hour fast. Something about being told no food or drink after X hour, makes ones phsyce crave every beverage and consumable thing possible. I was tempted to cheat, but didn't...and it's a good thing too, because about 3 minutes after the really awesome nurse somehow got an IV into my tiny dehydrated vein, I got incredibly sick. I turned white and sweaty and thought I was going to vomit--ahhh the wisdom of the 8 hour fast. No food in system=no vomit. Thank you mandatory fast!!! They had me wear an Oxygen mask for a while, and that helped me. 5:21, I got my epidural. Which, hahaha also made me sick. Once again, white, sweat and oxygen. I remember looking at Chris and saying...maybe I don't want to do this today. *ha! too late!* The anesthesiologist gave me something to help with the sickies and I felt better soon--which is good, because I could feel the surgeon's hands in my body. Talk about ODD! Simon came out kicking and SCREAMING! He got 9 and 10s on his APGAR!! I was able to see him for about a minute while they closed me up. I was REALLY out of it. They brought him to me in recovery, and he started nursing like a PRO! I'm thinking we delivered him while he was eating because he was a hungry hungry little man. My mom was able to be with me in the recovery area and she stayed with me for a while. Sandi brought Ava up about 9. I MISSED HER SO MUCH. She was very concerned about why I was not moving in my bed and why I had all kinds of tubes sticking out of my hands. She did really well though. She said hi to Simon and pointed out all his features---eyes, ears, nose, chin. They left about 9:30. She was very very tired. Chris stayed until 11, and then headed home. My mom stayed on our couch at our house.
Simon is a great sleeper. He did really well his first night, waking only to eat, or when they changed his diaper. He loves to poop! He let me get in some good sleep. We've had some rockstar nurses and CNAs looking out for us.
Today, my mom took Ava to the zoo!!! What a trooper! Chris came up about 10, and spent the day with Simon and me. He did homework and helped me entertain visitors here and there. He has 2 tests next week, so study time is precious right now. Sean, Leah and Lucy stopped by a few times to say hello! Lucy was hilarious. After about 10 minutes, she'd get bored and start giving us her goodbyes and wanting out to see more interesting things. They made us a DVD that I'm so excited to see. I am going to wait for Ava and CHris to see it with me tomorrow.
Simon slept most of the day. His nursing has increased to 30 minutes already. He's had like 6 bowel movements today. Champ! He loves loves loves to be cuddled, but is also groovy to sleep in his little cart with fuzzy socks and a soft blanket. He weighed in today at 7 pounds 3 ounces. He is sweet and not very fussy--unless you unwrap him. He's a comfy cozy babe.
I'm excited to see my Ava Jayne tomorrow. I'm so grateful that Sandi took over yesterday and my mom was able to tend her today, so that I could have this bonding time and recovery time, but not seeing her all day was really hard. She's my love bug! Chris said he'll bring her to see me tomorrow, which is very exciting.'s 10:30pm...time for some mommy sleep. *hahaha and Simon starts crying. poor little bug!


Kris said...

Congrats, Deb and Chris! Can't wait to meet Simon. Keep getting that rest!

Candace said...

Congrats! Glad you all are doing well. What an exciting time!

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