Tuesday, March 3, 2009

so last night...a huge TO DO was crossed off my list. Sandi came over and together we assembled the new dresser for me and Chris. It took a good 2 hours, and some serious sweat, but we did it!! I somewhat knew what we were doing, because it's the same style of dresser that Chris, Steve and I put together for Ava on Saturday, just a larger version. (and not pink.) Ava was excited that she could be our "helper." when it came to nailing on the back of the dresser, she came over to me and I let her use a mallet to punch in a few. She would sing the HANDY MANNY song when she pounded, saying "HANDY AVA!" And then want to put in a new one. She's quite talented. The last nail I did with her ended up bending over. She pointed it out and went UH OH!! IT'S BROKEN. I laughed that even a 2 year old can tell when mommy can't hammer a nail. So much more fun assembling a dresser with a family, than by oneself.
I also picked up our tax stuff from the CPA yesterday, while Ava played with Madison. She hasn't seen Madison in a couple of weeks, due to poor little Mad getting that awful cough that's been going around. Thankfully, she has recovered and Angie came and took Ave's for a good 2 hours. Bless her heart. Ava was so excited when she came home. She told me how they played in the tunnel, and with some balls, and ate hot dogs! Then she crashed for a nice nap. Oh funny---so last night, as we're building this dresser, Sandi and I are just about dying of heat. So, Chris suggested he'd go get root beer float fixins so we could have a yummy snack. Ava-who generally could take it or leave it when it comes to ice cream LOOOOOOOOVED rootbeer floats. She sat on the bed with Chris and totally downed his in record time. he was scared she was going to get an icecream headache. She then asked PLEASE SOME MORE PLEASE PLEASE SOME MORE!! He made her a tiny 2nd one and then she ran around the house like a banshee for a good hour. It was hilarious. I guess I know what we'll be serving at her summer 1/2 birthday party this June.
More exciting news...the reason I'm up and axious this morning...the painter is coming today to do the bid on the basement. Yesterday, the "finish" guy came to measure for doors and trim etc...and then the painter called to see what time he could stop by. I took his first slot-8am-and have been up since like 6:30, because I was terrified I'd sleep in. I'm not really in the ability to jump out of bed and throw something on if I had been woken by the knock on the door. It takes me a good 5 minutes just to climb out of the bed. I should probably video that...because I'm sure it's hilarious to observe. Hopefully, by Friday, the finishes will be done and the painter can come. w00t!
So generally, things are going really well. The to do list is still hanging around, but--hey things are getting done, despite my ever growing aching self. Here are somethings I want to have done by Friday.
  • Get a replacement Drivers License--ew so avoiding that can you tell?
  • Put up Blindes in Simon's room and Valance
  • Move dresser into Simon's room--obviously not MY to do item ;)
  • Help Ash move to her new place in Provo
  • Buy new crayons and place old broken ones in a container somewhere--because they are driving me CRAZY!
Ok, brain is shorting out. MORNING!


Amanda said...

Hey I have something to send you, can you send me your address? Thanks!

about moi said...

wow deb, you're amazing! Let me know if you need some natalie labor I'd be happy to come to whatever you need. love ya! oh..and pics please :)

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