Thursday, March 5, 2009

thursday's to do

  • Ava up at 2am--spend 2 hours getting her back to sleep
  • Wake Chris at 4:30 am and let him have a turn...his success rate is way higher than mine lately.
  • Turn off very annoying alarm at 7am
  • Crawl out of bed at 8am
  • Let drywall team in for very last sanding 8:30--hand off check. scowl at snow. move cars to sun to have snow melt off. why is my steering wheel SMOKING? gag! awesome.
  • head off to dr. appt by 8:45am
  • hope that someone is awake to let in the doors and such and to call Ammon
  • Ammon installs finish work
  • Call Carpet person for official quote
  • Call Painter to set up tomorrow
  • oh yes and not ignore my job duties as well
  • seriously ava....why are there color pages all over my kitchen??????????
  • why is my face so itchy?????????????? am i growing a beard?
  • should i really be driving when i'm this incredibly tired??????
  • why am i blogging when i need to be leaving?

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