Friday, March 13, 2009

today's happenings

So far, so awesome! Simon had another fantastic day. We slept until 8:30 and got breakfast about 9am. French toast, eggs and a sausage link. We went back to sleep for a while after we filled our bellies and pretty much laid low. Chris called to let us know he'd be headed over with big sis, Ava. I was so very excited!! He had her dressed so cute! little jeans with cherries on the cuffs and her green shirt with the butterfly. She wore her little black hat with the red ribbon. She came and sat with me and Simon on the bed and started telling me about her day. Oh it was so wonderful to have them both with me. She reached over to say hi to Simon and said "he's my boy!" and then asked to kiss him. She gave him a hug and a kiss on the forehead. We ordered lunch and put in Whinnie the Pooh. She was very much into her hot dog and movie. Chris got some very cute pictures, which I put on facebook Ava was so great, but really wore me out. She and Chris headed out about 1:30 for home. Simon and I napped most of the afternoon--and woke just in time to order dinner. Chris dropped Ava off with Sandi about 7pm and came to be with Simon and me. He stayed until about 10pm.
The staff has told us that Simon and I have been doing really really well. Tonight, I've been quite crampy. This could be that I was stubborn and thought I could wean myself from the narcotics. meh. I'm a massive WHIMP! That, or my addiction to the pot pie here is causing me severe digestive issues. That...and the dreaded first post surgery bowel movement should be approaching. About midnight, Simon started whimpering and almost shivering. I called in a nurse to help swaddle him. She placed a warm towel under his t-shirt and wrapped him tightly and then rubbed his back lightly---and he completely calmed down. It was amazing to watch. I put in a movie to keep me somewhat entertained as I am waiting for the cramping to subside. Things are still overall great. Simon gets circumsized tomorrow and if things go well--we can opt to leave in the evening. We'll see how things go. Thanks for the prayers, visits, and warm wishes.

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