Monday, March 30, 2009

no rhyme or reason

Lately I suck at blogging so here's the latest in no particular order:

Me--Um, recovery so far is pretty good. I'm off pain meds and have been for over a week. I'm still making about a gallon of milk more than Simon needs and freezing it. I took a couple gallons worth over to a friend's, because my freezer ran out of space. I'm slowing down though, which is good. I've lost 15 pounds of the 30 this pregnancy gained, and am fairly positive that the remaining weight is residing in my butt. I'm tempted to bust out the yoga dvd from college days, but somehow I know it isn't going to be as "fun" without Jenny and Mel mocking Denise and saying things like "squeeze that hiney baby!" ....definitely not fun without them.

Chris--is being amazing. He comes home and plays with Ava for 2-3 hours in a feeble attempt to wear her down--there is no end to her energy. tonight he made dinner even. He helps when I need him during the night, and even gets to work on time, without any help from me. He makes sure that Ava doesn't mawl Simon, and that I'm getting the nutrition that I need. I'm not sure how he does it. Super man for sure!!

Simon-seizure free for almost 2 weeks. Tested his pheno level Saturday--doc called today and said it's right where it should be. HORRAY! He's getting his circumcision tomorrow. They opted not to do it last week, because he had a rather horrific pheno level blood draw--which proved to be useless, because they didn't draw enough blood--hense the draw on Saturday. Foot pricks are better than Head blood draws anyday! He weighed in at 8 pounds 6 ounces last week. Will update with new stats tomorrow. There should be more for me to write here, but he's going to wake soon for a's karma.

Ava--still full of energy that seems to never end. Thanks to Glitter books from Angie, we now have a bed time routine though, and she's falling asleep almost on her own. If we could just get that on her own sleeping time from 11:3o to 9:30 my life would be a lot more coherent. Chris and I alternate nights of putting her down. She was staying up until 1:30am when I first got home from the hospital, so we are making progress.

Weather--dear snow storms, I hate you. I'd like that gorgeous spring weather that appeared when I was in the hospital to return. Thanks. Snow storms after the spring equinox are unacceptable.

Basement--supposedly the tile and carpet will be going in this week, as well as the bathroom vanity and other fixtures. It should be finished this week. should. I am not sure I'm going to believe it until I see it. We fired RNR carpet, because they back ordered us twice--even though we paid for the carpet in advance--and then they lost our measurements....and were just overall not very impressive. Hopefully Giant Carpet will be better--but I'm not getting my hopes up. My experience with this whole ordeal is that the renovation/construction business is full of really poorly run businesses--with even worse organizational skills due to not utilizing today's technology...but that's another rant entirely. I'm sure once it's done, I'll be glad that we did it...but lately, I'm over it.

Ok well Simon is not yet awawke, so I'm going to lie down, because this will...of course, cause him to wake and his hungar to be greater than Ghandi's. Hope you enjoyed the randomness that wasn't as random as it could have been.

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Johanna said...

So great to see that Simon is seizure free. Our opinion is that he's probably done, but don't take him off the meds until Doc says so! And way to go with the weight loss! Keep it up!
Love you,

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