Thursday, March 5, 2009 i was told the finish materials---moulding, doors etc would be delivered first thing this morning. then, by 10am i called to see when to expect them, seeing as how first thing to me means 8amish. I was told the guy should be here in the next couple hours. so....1:30 rolls around and the guy finally shows up. dude 1:30? I realize I work from home so I'm here whatever, but still it's super annoying to be lied to over and over. If you're going to be coming in the afternoon-use that verbage. also, call if you're running behind. it's common courtesy and good business. this now pushes the project back by a ton. thanks for a horrid experience wheelwright. i won't be passing out your business cards.

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Blake said...

LOL its better than the cable company. We will be there between 8am-5pm between Tues and Wed. LOL at least you got an afternoon not 2 whole work days. LOL

No but I would be mad to, cus i expect that delay from the cable company but not something like that.

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