Wednesday, January 14, 2009

are we there yet?

So...I'm to that point in pregnancy, where climbing my stairs takes WAY more effort and energy than it should. I'm not sure if it's because I've been on the go non stop for the last couple of weeks, or just where I am in the stage of pregnancy, but I cannot remember ever being so tired and....fatigued? is that the right word? I've decided that I hate laundry, and am thus going to a laundromat tomorrow to do it all in one fail swoop, because climbing 12 stairs over and over with baskets full of clothes-clean or dirty-is the most unappealing thought to me. I am beyond caring that I have my own perfectly functional washer and dryer. I also have lost the desire to sport any clothing not made of flannel and a great arch support. The underwire in my bra is about to face a seriously heinous death. Whose bright idea was it to stick wire under my boobs anyway? As if anything could hold these ever growing beasts off my -again-every growing stomach. Let's get serious. All it does is bore into my stomach making me ever the more grouchy. DOWN WITH UNDERWIRE! I'm going to visit Lactation Station soon and then my bra hostility will be numbed for a bit. W00t. I loved Mother Hen Maternity, but they have been replaced with a Cuddle Haven-and now, I have to travel to Salt Lake for a nursing bra store. *sigh* Wow, I'm a sour puss. SURPRISE!

Hey good news though-shocking I know! Kira and Blake came to see me today. I was totally caught off guard and hugged her for a freakishly long time. I was scared if I let her go, she'd disappear. She's been in CO for the last 3 months. *sigh* and will be here a week...before departing for San Jose, CA--where her next assignment is. It's been good for their family, because she makes a crap load more as a traveling nurse, but I've missed my best girl friend. Kira knows the stress and anxiety and craziness of my life and has experienced it all and then some. She's also lived with me for 2 years during college, so she knows the craziness of my mind as well. Next to Chris, she probably knows me better than anyone. She could probably give Chris a run for his money acutally ;) I loved having her here. They promised to visit one more time before heading to Cali. I'd be so spoiled if they did. Jen and Ava played dress up the whole time, and make up and giggled and were SO cute. it was as if they'd never been apart. Jayden is so tall! Almost taller than Ava. He's no longer the chunk-a-doodle he was last summer. He's still all smiles!

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Bilary said...

Hang in there! It will all be over soon! And about the bra - just don't bother with it unless you are going out somewhere. :) I hate bras period. And they are horrible when you're pregnant.

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