Sunday, January 25, 2009

so...sanity...obviously not my strong point--especially during late stages of pregnancy. Thanks to those who endure me and my bouts of depression, aggravation, and all around not pleasantness. Today in relief society, the lesson was on Finding Joy in the Journey. I know the President Monson is a true prophet, but...I cannot believe that I will miss piles of laundry. I guess I need more faith. I really had a rough day Saturday. I spent most of the afternoon throwing a really intense pity party and then...about 4 hours into it, I realized I had baskets of clean laundry waiting for "tomorrow" to arrive so they could be put away. I got to work on them. I also washed all the dirty laundry that had accumulated. It's amazing what relief can come from just ....getting to work. The mundane task that I had been avoiding all week, was exactly what I needed. Did it snap me back to reality and pure joy? Oh heavens no. But it did get me out of bed and today, I was grateful not to trip over a basket of folded clean laundry. Chris was grateful to have clean dress socks magically waiting in his sock bin, and Ava was more than happy to wear the clean dress and tights. It sure made Sunday morning easier--haha but then again, so did the fact that for some reason our alarm was 30 minutes fast this we woke up thinking we had 30 minutes to get ready, and we really had an hour.
Another constant lately that puts my life into perspective is having Matt & Angie for neighbors. Can I just say that their life the last 7 weeks...has been one trial after another? Moses! Talk about refiner's fire. Poor baby Flash (Colton) has been at Primary Children's since Friday. He is a complete mystery to every doctor. His heart scans as perfect, but refuses to cooperate when he falls asleep. He nearly went into cardiac arrest about 3am. As you can imagine, they are beside themselves with worry, frustration...I can't even begin to think how it must feel to them to have no answer as to why he is not well. Angie never complains. It's amazing to me. She just smiles and endures...I guess is a good way to put it. She has such strength. I am so fortunate to have her as a friend and example in my life. Colton is scheduled to stay at PC until at least Tuesday...they don't want to send him home until they know why his heart is irregular.
Ava is boundless energy today. She has been run-run-run for hours and is still going. It's 11pm. She's bathing now, so maybe that will help to calm her. No more chocolate chip cookies for her. Speaking of which, I made some today--ate about a dozen....and now need to be rid of them. Please come take them from me.

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Hope that flash is ok!

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