Sunday, January 11, 2009

So I just finished the Twilight series. I realize I'm months behind the true fans, but hey..until this last month I didn't have the time really to set aside to read the way I do. I'm a 100% obsessive reader. Once I get into a book-let alone a series-don't come looking for me, because I am of no good to anyone until I've completed the story. I LOVED this series. After reading Twilight last year, I wasn't sure I wanted to keep reading the series. I'd invested 6 straight hours to the book--and knew that I didn't have the energy to really invest into the next. Besides, I knew if I got hooked, waiting for the other books was not going to be a pleasant experience. I have nearly zero patience. So, when the Twilight movie came out...the previews made it look almost cheesy. I heard mixed reviews-again-and finally agreed to see it with Ash. The version she had was bootlegged--I'd never seen a pirated movie before-but she said it was a good verison? It peaked my interest, although, the dialog was muffled and the picture, not so great. Plus I felt supreme guilt for watching an illegal copy of it. Angie and I went to see it the next Saturday. It had been out almost 2 months, and we bought the last 2 tickets in the theatre. Bad Bad BAD seats. I'm pretty sure my seat was a handicap seat actually. I had some issues with the film style, but overall, a great production. True to the book--as far as books to movies go. I started reading New Moon a few days later, when Chris convinced me to get the Ebook. I went right to Eclipse and this last week finished Breaking Dawn. I also went to Stephanie Meyer's sight and read what she's posted for "Midnight Sun" If anyone wants to take pitchforks and hunt down the moron who released it early and thus keeps us all from having that book for another 2-4 years, please count me in. It's GENIOUS. and I'm so disappointed they ruined it for all of us. I really hope she is able to continue it one day. It brings so much insight into the series on the Cullens as a whole-not just Edward. For those who have not seen Twilight-a word of caution. It's still selling out every weekend at the Megaplex in Ogden--which is, let's face it-the only theater worth going to in the Davis/Weber county area. You can already pre-order your DVD copy from also. I'm waiting for the Blu-ray to become available before preordering. That's going to be AWESOME!!! So yes, I'm behind, or rather, just now catching up. I want to get a copy of her book "The Host." Her ability to build characters that matter to the reader is AMAZING! No wonder she's a fan of Orson Scott Card, who also shares this talent of excellent character development. Can you imagine going from mom one day to become a phenomenon the way she has? Oh it's just your average day...and then suddenly you're offered $750,000 for a series. And then...oh here's a $500,000 deal for the FIRST book, so that we can make a multi-million dollar producing movie. How surreal.
I'm now out of reading material. The only thing keeping me up at night is my rib kicking baby and the occassional Ava 3am visit. Somehow, reading while Simon attempts to kick his way out of my rib cage, makes it less aggrivating. Ahh distraction.
I'm craving heath icecream. and cookies. and all things bad for me. Time to down some water. yeay.

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SarahJo said...

Host is way good! I almost liked it better than the whole Twilight Series... almost

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