Thursday, January 15, 2009

Um, I'm so tired. Today my phone has been ringing non stop. It's GREAT that Inwest is busy; I just forgot what life is like when we are rockin and rollin. Madison is here keeping Ava company in the princess tent. YEAY princess tent. I have yet to hear a scream or cry and it's been almost a full 30 minutes. HAHA! Sweetness. Um, whatelse? The plumbers came today to do the bathroom stuff. They were quiet-even with a jackhammer in tow, very friendly and so clean! Seriously, every crew that comes in, leaves my basement with no trace of their visit-other than improvments. I'm extremely impressed. Tomorrow the electrician comes to finish what Chris started. It's moving right along. Pictures may be posted tonight. No promises.
Sandi has been gone for 2 weeks. She's not coming back either for another week. I miss her. I hope she's enjoying the weather down there. I'd be in St George if I could be. Away from the snow; away from the inversion; away laundry. :)

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nat & aaron said...

that's cool that you went to provo and didn't stop here. just sayin'. ha love ya!!!! can't wait for the new kid ;)

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