Monday, January 26, 2009

dear deb,
you know what eating a dozen cookies a day does to you? It makes the scale read numbers in this order 179.2 with 6 very long glorious weeks of weight gain to go. In the next 6 weeks, Simon "theoretically" will gain 1/2 a pound a 3 pounds...meaning there's a good chance you'll put another 10-15 on. HORRAY! You get the wonderful experience of needing to lose 40 pounds when he comes out. HOPE IT WAS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!! twenty-five pounds on so far...just to put that into perspective...THAT'S AVA AT AGE 2!!!

Ok...vent...not really over. but I'm going to attempt to quit dwelling. Fat Chance. Anyone want to lend me a treadmill?

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