Monday, January 5, 2009

So I spent yesterday reading Eclipse. I then had dreams of the characters-awesome. I'm such an obsessive reader. Once I'm pulled into a book, or novel sequence, I can't concentrate on anything else until I've finished the series; so of course I'm a total zombie today, because I didn't finish until 1am. I have some issues with the idea that Bella could become pregnant via vampire--but maybe it'll make more sense when I read it.

For some reason, my wireless internet is working just fine, but my desktop won't connect...probably has to do with the VPN, and since Chris is i class--I'm in the dark work wise for another hour. Frustrating!

I have a serious laundry issue waiting for me upstairs--clean, just needing folded and put away. Clearing out Ava's room and moving her into the nursery that had been set up for Simon sort of made a massive mess in our bedroom. The overwhelming kind that kind of makes you dread starting the clean up process.

The heating and cooling guys are here today doing the work for the basement. It was going to be about $950, but I got him down to $850. Meh...even if we can't finish in one swoop--he'll have heat now and it will be tolerable to be down there. It's been SO cold, that even running wire down there set his cold back like a week. Speaking of school--he started class today. Perhaps that's why I woke with stress already weighing me down.

I'm up to 172. That scared me. I mean...technically I'm still low on weight gain--14 pounds so far. I think I was around 188 when I delivered Ava. I'm at 30 weeks today. So 10 more weeks. well...9 if they do the c-section at week 39. I know weight numbers shouldn't concern me, especially since the doctor says I'm doing really well and that my blood pressure is "beautiful"-hahaha odd phrasing I thought; although it freaks me out to think I might get to 180 again, because man it's hard to lose 30 pounds. Ava will be sure to help me :)

Ok well "money money" aka Mama Mia is ending and I'm going to put Ava down for her nap.


Candace said...

Wow. Your pregnancy has flown by! (To me anyway) I didn't know you were already at 30 weeks. He'll be hear before you know it!

Blake said...

I read part of Twilight and it seemed a lot like a romance novel to me. K's mom is crazy for Twilight puffs and watches the movie all the time.
She watched it with me narrating the book all the time and i kept falling asleep. :)

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