Thursday, January 8, 2009

Today we did an experiment. NO TV! It was lovely. At 6:30 tonight, I left Ava put on Money Money aka Mama Mia! so that I could do dinner. She loves this movie and sings along to every song. Apparently Musical Theater is a genetic disease. Let's pray she has better dancing skills than her parents. Neither of us is even remotely functional when it comes to choreography.

Ava was up at her usual 7:30am. WHO'S KID IS THIS?? I was not extremely pleased that this pattern is continuing. 10:30-7:30...not long enough for a toddler, let alone a mommy. So I played dead until about 8:30 when she asked me to help her find her Barbie--which of course, she had left in Ashley's room the night before. We played and she asked to look at pictures. I put on a slide show of family pictures over the last few years from our archive. She passed out about 9:30 and slept until almost 1pm. HORRAY!!!!

Our framer is quite possibly coming tomorrow to complete the framing, and fix the problems the previous owners so generously created when they did some down there. I made speghetti tonight--ahh the 30 cent dinner wonder. Now I'm ready for bed. hahaha as I sit here, I'm literally fighting to keep my eyes open. *sigh* Chris is right, I am the old married couple wife.

I did not at all even come close to my 90 ounces (no joke) of water that I'm supposed to be downing. I think I got to about....32. If I catch up now, there will be no sleep for this mom. I'm telling you man. Sheesh! I realize that if I'm awake for 12 hours, that drinking even 10 0unces an hour would more than help me make my goal....but seriously, it's like knowing I have to get that in, makes it nearly impossible to get water down. I'm a wuss is what it really comes down to.
Ok my brain is officially off the clock and refusing to create thoughts in general.

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SarahJo said...

I'm also horrible at drinking water Deb! That's way I'm dehydrated at least once a semester! I'll make a goal and we'll drink water together!

So Ashley is living with you guys now? The whole Ava moving to Simon's room make more sense!

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