Tuesday, January 6, 2009

c is for cookie craving

My only cravings lately have bee Countrytime Strawberry Lemonade and fresh homemade chocolate chip (walnuts optional) cookies. I can't get enough of either. And neither is really all that healthy for me. I mean...lemoade isn't toxic to me or anything, but it does have a high sugar and sodium content. And the cookies. Like, last week when Jeff was here-I made a HUGE batch of cookies. Matt had hinted --ever so slightly hahaha- that if I made cookies to feel free to bring some over. I figured I'd make some for Chris and Jeff to enjoy while working in the freezing basement, make my house smell good and share some cookies with Angie and Matt. That night we probably ate about 12 of the whole batch--it made about 3 dozen. The next day by 2...they were GONE~! I was mortified and so sad all at the same time. I have no idea how many I ate by myself, but it was surely too many. Then, Friday...yes like 2 days later, I bought the Pilsbury cookie dough to make cookies-I didn't want to deal with the mess of makig the dough. I ate 1/2 the cookies myself again without realizing it. I had to conciously cut myself off. I've never been a massive cookie eater like this before. I mean-don't get me wrong... I love them but a whole dozen or two by myself in a day...not really my thing.

Awww Ava just fell asleep so peacefully watching the old Carebear episode. She looks so sweet and peaceful. I always hate to move her when she falls asleep on the couch--but I know she'll be more comfy and sleep better in her own bed.

Inwest has been really busy the last month--HORRAY~!!! It's so nice to go through the day with requests and feel like I'm useful to the company; it's also great to see the confidece boost in my co-workers and to be able to have fun with this again! It's been so stressful the last 18 months and it just feels so nice to have a relief from that. We're launching some new marketing campaigns, and I've been creating the ads for them--it's been so FUN! yeay for being useful!

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Bilary said...

MMMMMM...Cookies. Yum! I can never get enough chocolate chip cookies and I'm not pregnant. I just have an addiction - always have and probably always will.:) Enjoy it!!!

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