Saturday, January 31, 2009

I almost feel like a traitor that I have yet to dedicate a post to the STEELERS going to the super bowl tomorrow. My folks are coming up to watch the game here with me. It won't be anything fancy, but we'll have a good ol' time. I'm not usually a football fan; football makes for a great nap in my opinion, however, Steelers games are worth remaining concious.

Cheer the Steelers,
The black and the gold,
Here we go,
The town of Pittsburgh’s heart and soul,
Here we go,
With Iron Mike Tomlin,
And his bag full of tricks,
This is the year we'll get that ring number six!

Roethlisberger fires his gun,
Here we go,
At Ward, Santonio, and Nate Washington,
Here we go,
Fast Willie Parker’s gonna make a touchdown
And if you get in his way, you’re gonna look like a clown

Now the offense is ready to score,
Here We Go
And there’s one thing we know for sure,
Here We Go
If we don’t get it in the end zone,
We’ll get 3 points off of Jeff Reed's toe.

We got Farrior, Porter, Haggans,
Here We Go
Polamalu, Hoke and Townsend,
Here We Go
The other team won't get any ground
'Cause the defense is gonna bring the steel curtain down.

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SarahJo said...

Yeah STEELERS! Man alive Deb, I just watched it with my parents and it was INSANE!!!! I hate football... but I love the Steelers!!!

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