Tuesday, February 10, 2009

annoying amount of whining

Ok I just want to say that...I don't remember hurting this badly with Ava--and I'm not even to the labor part.

How does the body and the mind forget this? I must document this so that if in 10-18 months I start thinking about doing this again...I have a "ARE YOU INSANE" moment.

The hips. Ok. Seriously. I cannot walk with any normalcy. Not only does my walk look painful, but like 98% of the time, it actually IS painful to walk. It feels like the ball/socket joint of my legs/hips is going to pop and my legs will be disconnected from my body. It's like instead of a smooth movement--it's GRINDING. The left leg...yeah can't handle it's portion of the weight, and the right leg is tired of lefty's laziness. Getting out of Chris's car is ........ redic, and almost impossible. It makes me want to hide in the house until the day of delivery.

I'm really scared that one of these days I'm going to get stuck in some odd position--hopefully dressed--and will need to call for help. Luckily, Ava is getting better at following directions. ha. there's always a facebook status...help. i'm stuck. please come rescue my child. hahahaaha and you'll come over and ava will have painted me a healthy unibrow out of mascara, sharpie and/or lipstick. She'll be ever so proud that she took such good care of mommy. Yes, that's how it will go down--like I said, the being dressed portion...is only if I'm lucky. It'll probably happen while I'm attempting to dress. awesome.

So, currently...that's the miserable attitude that I possess. I do not think that I will become anymore pleasant in the coming 3-4 weeks as I grow larger and less coordinated. *sigh* please tell me that the pain will subside after birth and I will be........better soon.


Mark and Jade said...

wow...i was cracking up through that whole thing! I love reading your blog. :D

Allison said...

All I can say is "Amen sister!" I dont' know if I was blissfully niave and happy to be pregnant with Abby or what, but I don't remember being this uncomfortable the last time I was pregnant! Unfortunately for me it's not my hips but my back and ribs that continue to kill me. The end is in sight luckily for both of us....yippee!

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