Monday, February 23, 2009

Yesterday was a rough day. I knew Saturday night that I did not want to go to church. Ava woke about 5am and came into our room. She went right back to sleep--however--I had so little space that I moved to her toddler bed--bad idea. I hate toddler beds. So uncomfortable. So I showered, went downstairs and had oatmeal while watching random HGTV. I went upstairs about 8:40 to get ready for church. I still had the feeling that I didn't want to go, but was fighting it...I'll be missing church for about 2 months, so I'm trying to be good about making it every week. Chris and Ava were just waking up. We made it to church, but were late. We sat in the back. It was so so so hot. On we went to sunday school. Ava was SO excited for nursery. Thank goodness she is in the loving nurseryn stage now and away from hating it. She handed over her treasured chapstick and started playing. Chris and I went to class--it was an awesome lesson. I am grateful that I had decided to ignore the 'skip church' feeling. Brother Harper is probably my all time most favorite teacher for Gospel Doctrine. Chris told me that he'd be going home teaching after church and handed me the keys. Again, I thought of grabbing Ava and going home early...but I pushed it out of my mind. I didn't do so well during RS. I was in the front row--and ended up waddling out part way through it...crying, from pain. I was so embarassed. People followed me out...and I was grateful for Melissa's kindness and hugs. She got Chris for me and NeaJean got Ava. I went home and about 30 minutes later the pain began to go away. Sean and Leah stopped by and somehow I missed them. They dropped off a care package with truffles and dr. pepper and a super cute hoodie for Ava. I'm pretty sure the truffles is what made me feel better ;) The pain comes and goes, but isn't as strong as yesterday. Nothing I can't call it next appt is this Thursday...which is when Mindy is having her baby YEAY!!!!! MINDY!!! <3 <3 <3

I'm grateful it's not contractions...because I'm really not ready. I went grocery shopping today, so I feel better now that we actually have food hahaha incase something happens. I just need to get things in order. The nursery needs the new blinds--and the pack and play needs cleaned and set up in our room...and I need to pack a bag---and yeah...way too much to do for baby to come any earlier than scheduled. I'm tempted to order my ikea stuff online and have it delivered--that way I don't have to walk around the massive store. ha. I'm LAZY!
Ava pulled out her crayons today and threw them we had a long game of clean up. She's pretty good about clean up. I'm blessed. tonight I'm going to make hilary's noodle casserole. mmmm I'm so excited!!!

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