Sunday, February 1, 2009

Look Who Knows So Much

So Becca has her baby boy, Bryant today!!! She was due yesterday. She has been such a beautiful pregnant woman! Her doctor was going to let her go a WEEK!!! over her due date if necessary, and this, of course, had her very concerned. Becca is about 5'2 and pre-pregnancy all of 115 pounds soaking wet. At her most recent appointment, her doc merely laughed off her concerns, smugly remarking, that he's done this THOUSANDS of times, and the baby is about 7 pounds, no need to worry. Well, luckily, Bryant did come on his own, and only 1 day past her due date. He is 8 POUNDS 15 OUNCES. just shy, of 9 pounds. He sure showed that idiot doc! can you IMAGINE? If she had gone another week he could have been almost 10 pounds. I don't know how, but she pushed him out sucessfully. Chris and I will go see him later this week, once they are settled and out of the hospital. I'm so excited!!!

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