Thursday, February 19, 2009

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Ava called up the stairs yesterday while I was working, saying she wanted to watch "OH OH OH""--Which is "Hairspray" for those of you unfamiliar with Ave's movie lingo. I came down about 2 minutes later to find her totally zonked out---standing---cuddling the DVD.

While my dad-Papi, and Chris were busy putting up insulation, Ava was busy being a princess. Her favorite things in the world---princess dress, slippers and MAKE UP! Isn't she gorgeous?

My dad put up 5 rolls of insulation in like...2 hours a couple Saturdays ago. We had GROSSLY underestimated the amount we'd need and only bought 5--which worked out well, because he had only 3 hours that Saturday.

Chris went around the basement and pulled out the insulation between the beams and the mainfloor. There were holes that had been drilled by the builder that were never filled allowing TONS of cold air into the basement. He filled them all and then replaced the previous insulation. It's made a huge difference. Chris was covered in tiny insulation--lots of itchiness. Lesson learned---long sleeves, gloves and mask are MANDATORY.

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Blake said...

great picture of the face of your daughter on the stairs! makes me laugh!

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