Monday, February 16, 2009

day off-not so much

Have I mentioned lately how AMAZING my husband is?
Last night...well, yeah that's a post all on its own. Suffice it to say, that my sister, KK, decided to come stay with us to tend Ava for President's Day. Chris had the day "off" from work and school, and with Melissa being gone on her cruise, I had watch guard duty on her email. Ava woke up about 1 am with growing pains in her legs. Poor little girl. YEAY for motrin. After about 40 minutes she was able to fall back to sleep. Chris was such an awesome sport, and sat with her--rocking her to sleep--and then stayed by her bed for a good hour to make sure she was out for good, all while I got to stay in bed in our room barely concious. Ava got up about 8:30 and was happy as a lark--seemingly unaware of her pain the night before. She was very excited to find Aunt KK still here. They had breakfast together-and then KK departed for her walk. Chris headed out about 9:30 to find a place to study. He likes to drive to a random spot and be off where he knows he can concentrate and be undisturbed. He came back home just before noon to set up study camp at the ol' kitchen table.
Joye came over and made her famous tuna sandwhiches, and we had tator tots and S&V chips. SOOooooo good. Chris put on his awesome BOSS headphones, and worked on homework for hours while we puttered around the house cleaning, and talking. Joye spent a good hour reading to Ava from her nursery lullaby book. That was so beyond precious. Every 30 minutes or so Chris would get up from the table, and head down to the basement to grab more stuff and haul it out to the garage. About 2:00 he'd gotten his old desk taken apart and all in the garage. Joye KK and I had emptied Ash's stuff out of Ava's room and had Aves bed and bookshelf back into her princess room by 3. Joye left about then--it was one of my most favorite days with her being here so far. More play than work. :)
Chris continued to do homework until dinner was ready about 6. He set it aside for dinner and at 7 was done studying for tomorrow's test. We went down to the basement where he then spent the next hour stapling in the insulation. We went through 3 more rolls. Looks like we'll need 4-5 more before the job is done. We took KK home about 8:30. It's now 10:30, and he's crawling into bed. So much for a day "off." Study, heavy lifting, more study, cleaning, more study, insulation, more study...he's amazing. I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful beau. I'll have to arrange a REAL day off for him soon-

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Bilary said...

Aw, what a good guy! Two thumbs up to you, Chris!

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