Saturday, February 21, 2009

happy engagement brotha

So mylittle brother is getting married to this lovely girl, Pam. Since my brother was registered for a study abroad program with BYU in May, they have a fairly short time to plan the wedding--however, this means a 4 month honeymoon in VIENNA, AUSTRIA! Being recently returned RMs and college students, they took me up on a joke that I'd do their engagements. They called up last night to see if we could meet today in Salt Lake to do some shots. Chris and I headed off and we hit up West Minster and some random areas in Downtown. Usually, when I'm pretending to be a photographer, I'm using my father-in-laws massive Nikon....but alas, he was in St. George, so I had to settle for using our not so cool and definately not so expensive canons. I still think we got some winners. The lighting was awesome, and being above freezing was nice. I have tweaked some of these in Picasa--because that's the extent of my photo tweaking software and knowhow...I've posted all my favs on my facebook and the raw images are on the picasa album. Pam studied Graphic Arts before her mission, so I'm pretty sure she can snaz up any photo we took to make it FAB! They were great to photograph--I had SO much fun.


Blake said...

The third from the bottom picture of them in he snow. At first look it almost looked like clouds. But these pictures are fantastic! You are a better picture taker than I!
Not to damper any on your abilityes but my cousin's wife is a photographer who has pretty good rates if they need one and are getting married close BYU. There is a big old link on my blog if they are interested.

daiseymae said...

Wow you do a great job at taking pictures. You should put your *art* on your blog. fun to look at!

Simon Sanchez Family said...

Great job, Deb! Especially at that stage of pregnancy! What's the countdown to birth now, anyways, 2-3 weeks?
Hey, Steve said you were going to set up a Picasa album to send to us.
Can you do send us that?
~Ben, Joha, Joshua, and JoJo

Candace said...

You've got some talent. Those look great!

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