Monday, September 8, 2008

Clean the the dishes...

I must say...I'm proud of today's accomplishments. Not only did I get in my 9 hour work day, but I fed my family (sure KFC, but I went and GOT it!) went to the grocery store and managed to do everything I wanted to get down house wise...ok not everything, but for a tired preggy mom--who isn't a natural cleaner-it was a successful day.

Clean Kitchen

  • Dishes out of sink and into dishwasher-run dishwasher
  • Dishes back into cupboards
  • Counter tops clear of never ending clutter and Lysol treatment
  • Oven wiped down
  • Microwave wiped down and cleaned out--ewww
  • Sink washed out
  • Lysol everything!!!!!!
Living Room red-up
  • Books back on shelf
  • Chairs against wall--wow I have a living room floor?
  • Crayons collected and put into car trunk--there's carpet under there?
  • Toys back into toy box-including dress up
  • Seriously...I need to set less goals
  • Dryer emptied and laundry placed into basket
  • Washer contents put into dryer for a cycle to avoid yucky smell and re-washing
  • Washer filled with Tide and Oxy load started
  • I can't feel my leeeeeeeeeeeeeeegs

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Bilary said...

What a list! I'm impressed - especially since you aren't feeling well! Now, take a day to SLEEP!

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