Monday, September 29, 2008

So I haven't had much to write that is nice lately, so I haven't written at all. I'm thinking my very bad mood is mostly due to a lack of adequate sleep. I've been really struggling all weekend with Chris, and I don't like to vent about it, because the majority of things said in irritation aren't usually true, nor are they helpful. This morning, the garbage man stopped at my house and honked like 10 minutes, I finally got up and went to the window to see who was honking and why. I was so embarassed. I had asked him to take it to the curb yesterday, and figured since he was gone this morning to class, that he'd take it out on his way out....but no. The can was about 50 pounds...thanks to us forgetting to put it out last week and about 1/2 of it was full of water from the rain we had last week. This only adds to my pregnant psychosis anti husbandness. I am grateful for that garbage man honking and hanging out until I got there, because our can was very full and oh so not sweet smelling. To Chris's credit, he has been rather ill this weekend. He stayed home Friday and lived on Nightquil-D(the good stuff with psudophedrine) to sleep it off. It's just made the weekend extra long for me as I had no help--resulting in this

On a high note, Ava has slept in her toddler bed for 3 nights now. Naps are still not successful as of yet, but we'll get there. Don't get me started on the toy box.......stupid piece of chinese made CRAP!

Nap time in the new bed has been accomplished. It was a battle, just like the first time in the crib...but she is asleep in the bed with a blanket...and she did it all by herself! wooooooot!


Bilary said...

I'm sorry you had a rough weekend. I hate it when Bill is gone or sick - it makes things hard.

I hope things start running smooth again for you all soon.

Stephanie Oelkers said...

That cartoon is TOTALLY how pregnancy is! I'm stealing it!

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