Friday, September 26, 2008

funny moment

So today, Ava chose to wear a bright blue onsie with pink pants. About 2 hours later, she brings me another blue shirt and wants to wear it TOO. So I put it on. She walks out and brings a red long sleeve onsie and asks to put it on. So, I smile, and add it to the madness, starting to feel like I'm creating a "can't put my arms down" situation. Then, she brings me the red dress she wore for Nat's wedding. This is her favorite thing to wear...and she adds it too. She is now 4 layers deep in clothes. She disappears to the blue room for a few moments, and emerges with pink lipstick all over her mouth, cheeks and right eye. She is ready to party!

Funny girl


Candace said...

What a cutie! Already getting dolled all up!

Blake said...

guess it is good we are moving away cus it sounds like my daughter has rubbed off on yours! HA!

Kris said...

I remember Ella going through that stage of getting dressed. So funny! So where is the picture of the beautiful girl looking this way??? :)

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