Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You know that new washer commercial where the huge rolling ball of laundry attacks the mom and kid? Sometimes, I feel as though that commercial is my life. WHERE DOES IT ALL COME FROM? I'm telling you...that it never ends. Especially the whites. And how is it...that someone so small...and who lives 90% of the day in PJs and dress up creates so much filthy laundry? I went out and bought a tub of oxy clean to start adding to my laundry to see if it can end my affair with spraynwash. I have a ridiculous area for laundry--my basement door, garage entrance to the house door all open into my laundry doors--thanks for testin that out contractors-and when the laundry bi-fold doors are open there's not even enough room for Ava to walk through the hall to find me. It's pretty crazy. Sometimes I dream of a one level home...open floor plan, with Eve Mattheson's laundry room...ok honestly, I dream Eve's house being mine. If you haven't seen her laundry room..stay away. It will instantly catapult you into severe coveting. Anyway...I'm halfway through my laundry that's piled up the last week or so...and am already getting bored with it. How do you do all your cleaning in one day Hil? HOW????

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Bilary said...

You're funny. I get all my cleaning done in one day by throwing endless amounts of junk food at my kids and letting the TV entertain them all day. What a good mom I am.:)

It will get easier when you have two kids to entertain each other!

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