Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Not only did Ava wake up at 12:30am in pain, and then again for good at 6:30 this morning...but then, to my much amusement, they begin tearing up the road this morning. Oh the joy of joys to look out my window...and what do I see? Piles of broken up road across the street. Now, they have parked directly in front of my house to begin dumping those piles of broken road into some other truck. Wow! Thanks! That's not annoying. I realize roads need fixed, but if you're going to be this close proximity to my house, shouldn't I receive notice?

Dear Homeowner, be advised that on Sept 16 from 7am on there will be noise, horrific smells and random people in front of your home for the entirety of the day. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

How am I or Ava expected to be able to rest during this? How am I supposed to deal with the melting tar odor that is seeping into my home? GROSS! As if I wasn't feeling neaseated enough...you've helped bring me to a new level of sickness. Thank you...very much. Also, in the future, try to watch your language-this is a heavily child populated area... and stop oogling...I'm in sweats for heaven's sake! WEIRDOS!

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Bilary said...

Go out and pee in your front yard. That should make them stop oogling. Okay, that was tacky. But it was the first thing I thought of 'cuz I'm sick like that!:) Seriously, it has been way annoying though. I think they should have let us all know too. We have kids - tons of kids - that walk up that street to and from school every day. Now what?

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