Thursday, September 11, 2008

is there a limit for # of posts/day? yikes. anyway. this afternoon is a hard one for ava's nap. She hasn't gotten a nap until almost 3 all week, because of me being an insanly busy person lately. So today I put her down for the 2nd attempt (first one was a 45 minute screaming protest.) and headed outside. It's been cooler, and about 3 weeks since Chris has mowed the lawn. We have these stupid trees that sprout mini trees every 2 weeks and they are driving me CRAZY!!!! I figured I'd mow as much as I could. About 15 minutes into it, I see Chris. He came straight home from class to pick up some lunch stuff for his office fridge. I went in with him to hear ava still crying. So he got her out, and we did lunch together. Now Ava is back in her crib, screamin...talking...screaming....talking....yelling for daddy--who is back at work by now--and I have lost all motivation to continue mowing. like...3/4 of my front yard is done. It's pretty hokey. OH WELL! Sorry neighbors. Does anyone know a kid that would like to make like $20 mowin my lawn? haha

update--dear neighbors, I have completed mowing my lawn...your patience was much appreciated.

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