Monday, September 15, 2008

I woke up this morning...and felt as though I had never fallen asleep. My sinus's are soooooooo congested. That pain that shoots up behind the eye...and the headache pounding. Ava's been really whiny this morning...and seems to be stuffy too. I blame the cupcakes we had last night. Death by that rational?

I've decided that Listerine is awesome, but the most self-inflicting painful 90 seconds of my day. It literally causes me to cry. But, nothing makes my mouth feel as clean as swishing some Listerine after brushing.

My sister Hilary had her baby yesterday. I think they named him Daniel. They weren't really sure what they should name him. He was 6lb 13oz and looks perfect from the pictures they sent. We're going to see him tonight. ..although, if this headache stays, we might wait until I know if this is a pregnancy thing or a cold. No need to expose little guy to germs.


Bilary said...

You sound like you feel the same as me! I am dying here! I've had this terrible pain for about four days or so and now my dang ear hurts! I've never had an ear infection, but now I'm wondering?

I hope you get feeling better! And congrats on being an aunt again! LOVE new babies!:)

Blake said...

90 seconds of pain that was just so funny! you are very clever. It is probably the most intense pain over 90 seconds.
I have a different memory of listerine though. On my mission in CT we had ticks...thanks to Lyme CT mammit! Anyway we did some woodwork outside. My comp had a tick on his arm. I had the bright idea to wash first with listerine to sufficate any ticks and thus prevent lyme so clever and tick free today.
This was like a 2 pint bottle we douced on ourselves and it burns cuts too. ;)

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