Friday, September 5, 2008

Today is the start of Heiner Cabin Weekend. Chris's family has a cabin up in Weber Canyon. They share it among his mom's siblings-so we get 2 weeks a year to have it. I'm pretty excited. It's a beautiful area, and even when it's freezing cold--like it was last time we went up--the air is so fresh and the atmosphere so calm, that you don't even care. We'll be MIA for the next 3 days.

Ava is just as addicted to tomato soup as I am now. The weather has been just perfect for it in the early afternoon. We have soup and grilled cheese right before naps, and then she goes down without a fuss, because her belly is full and warm. The way she says "soup" is SO adorable too. LOVE IT!

Blake and Kira's moving sale starts today. If you want killer deals on everything--and I do mean everything--check it out. Toys, Swings, couches, a fridge...Blake isn't too excited about the idea of selling it all, but Kira figures it's better to sell it now, then to have to store it while they're traveling the next 18 months or so. We made the most beautiful signs to advertise. I LOVE her cricut machine. It's amazing, and so much fun! (i want one) Jen and Jayden are going to come play with Ava so that Kira can run the yardsale in piece this morning and Blake can get some real sleep in, since he worked the graveyard shift last night. Ava will love having them over! They haven't been here in ages. It'll be great!

So, I had an appointment to get my windshield replaced yesterday. I show up, and NO ONE was there. So I left a note...and no one called back. hmmmm I wonder why no one has ever heard of your shop...could it be that you have HORRIBLE customer service skills? Seriously, things like this tick me off. How hard is it to call your next appt if you can't make it and reschedule? Or to return a phone call when a customer leaves a note wondering why she was sitting in a dirty stairwell for 15 minutes waiting for someone to open the door. grrrr SO since my insurance is going to cover the replacement 100% without hurting my policy, I'm going to just go through safelite.

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