Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Should I post this?

What the heck? It's supposed to be a journal I shall. The past two weeks I've been feelin funky. Sunday, I took a 3 hour nap, which is really out of character for me. Today, I woke up out of pure necessity--Ava. I knew that I had slept a solid 8 hours, but felt like it was 3 am. Then, I opened the fridge to put something away and smelled something that didn't agree to me, heading me to make an offering to the Porceline God. I couldn't for the life of me find my keys, and all morning Ava was coming up to me saying, "I want juice PLEASE!"-which is odd, because she rarely has it-since I don't keep it in the house. Chris got home from class and I grabbed his keys and headed to walgreens. Which-at this point I MUST intercede to say the next time you go...purchase this dove bar...peanut and toffee-and you will NOT regret it. I grabbed one of that...some V8 Vfusion, and a box of 3 pregnancy tests. I've been thinking I am pregnant for a couple of weeks, but wanted to wait until I was at LEAST 5 weeks out to avoid that 4.5 week miscarriage that could be unknown if I hadn't tested so dang early. It came out POSITIVE. HORRAY!!! My doc thinks I am 5 weeks out, and the verdict is still out as to whether we should do bi-weekly quant levels to track the pregnancy and make sure it's progressing, or to just wait 2-3 weeks and have an ultrasound. In the meantime I am staring at my house which is in disaray from various painting projects, broken down appliances, and my total lack of energy. Chris did fix the dishwasher issue, so that's back to functioning! HORRAY. It always gets worse before it gets better right? EY. Don't let DCFS into my house ok? Thanks.

I'm off to fold laundry, and then pass out. No midnight post tonight baby. I have a 10am meeting tomorrow, and a confirmed baby sitter--and need to be human.


Bilary said...

Congratulations! I hope that this one goes well for you! I will be keeping my fingers crossed and sending prayers your way!

And I didn't need another kind of dang candy or chocolate to love. Thanks for that. Now I will be trying that candy too and I'm sure I'll be loving it.

Mary said...

Congrats im sure the pregnancy will go just fine try not to think about it. I know how it fills I had a misscarage to before grace. good luck.

Sara said...


daiseymae said...

Congrats! I hope all goes well for you. let me know if you need some help with little Ava. I know how hard it can be when you are pregnant sick and the baby needs attention. a good sign if you are sick though... the only pregnancy I was not sick with I miscarried. We'll hope for the best.

Cami Vogel said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! How is Clearfield. We are missing all of you so much. How is that sweet little Ava. Good to find you here.


Travis said...

Holy Crap! That's awesome! Congrats and good luck!!

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