Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Sa-J made cupcakes today. As I do not bake ... ever ... Ava's not used to having fabulous smells omitting from the kitchen. She ran to the oven, seeing them and wanted them right away. It's been interesting.

I finished the 2nd coat in the bathroom. I REALLY hate the color. So, if anyone would like to recommend a non horrid color, come on over with a pallet, and I'm up to suggestions. Although, I'm tired of painting in there. It's small and hot and yeah. complain. complain. Sometimes I want to take a sledgehammer to parts of this house. The floor plan doesn't make sense in SO many areas. But, I should be grateful for having a home this early in my life. Seriously, we bought this home when I was 21...just a few months after we got married. My parents didn't own their own home until they'd been married like 15 years. I just need to remind myself how blessed we are, more often that I remind myself how parts of it drive my crazy.

Ava's having a hard afternoon--she was awoken early from her nap by my clumsiness. CRAP THE WATER IS STILL ON OUTSIDE

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Bilary said...

So that was the yummy smell that I could smell...Okay, not really, but that sounds delicious! I just hope you are feeling well enough to enjoy eating some of those yummy cupcakes!!!

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