Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Learning the Hard Way

Today, while Ava and I went out to check the mail, Lana and Hayden spotted us. We went to the backyard, where I noticed although it's dying and looks dry...it's actually eerily wet all the time. Ava was invited by Lana to come play on the swing set. Eventually Riley, and even Kate came out. It was so much fun. Ava decided she wanted to play on the slide though, and despite several warnings and attempts to teach her otherwise, she walked right in front of the swing that Hayden and Lana were swinging on. She was hit and flew to the ground. Poor Ava...it was weird how I saw it happen in slow motion and couldn't get to her fast enough. Lana felt so bad, but we all let her know it wasn't her fault. Ava shouldn't have walked right in front of them. Riley was so cute and immediately went to get Ava some ice. Hilary got her a drink and some motrin, along with a package of fruit snacks, because really--fruit snacks make EVERYTHING better. Ava survived!!! She came home and took a 3 hour nap and is now back to normal. No bruise or anything. I hope that she learned her lesson, but somehow I doubt it. Which means...I'd better get some serious fruit snacks in reserve for the next playground blunder.

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Bilary said...

I am so sorry about today. I felt horrible. Poor thing. I know what you mean - it seemed like it happened in slow motion. Poor girl. I'm glad she got a nice nap and is feeling ok.

Will you trust her at my house still???

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