Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Fun

I really need to learn how to jazz this blog up. HTML anyone? I am so not up with the times. Where do I start? Last night, we went out to the Hooper house to swim, and as we left, I grabbed the bag of diapers-too lazy to just pull out a few to take over. Around 10, I got the most horrid gas pains--seriously, I know--and couldn't drive home, so Chris drove...and we neglected to grab the bag of diapers to bring home. So, about 10 this morning, as Ava's trotting around the living room with her diaper between her knees full of lots of good stuff, I realized in horror, that I didn't have a single, solitary diaper in the house. I changed her...and let her be free for a moment while I tried to devise a plan. Chris had my car. My car held my wallet. So, here we stood, diaperless, with no ID or monies...thankfully, Hilary saved the day! We walked the 10 paces or so to Hil's back door and she graciously handed over a few diapers.
I hadn't planned to stay, but we were there for about an hour and had so much fun. Lana and Riley play so well with Ava--it's really wonderful. There's no screaming, no bossiness, they all just play well. They really are great girls. I love the respect they show to me as a mom, and their parents too. They are definitely girls that I love having so close to Ava as examples. Lana and I played hide and seek for like 20 minutes, and it was genuinely fun. When Hayden woke up, he was pretty excited to see Ava and immediately started showing her his toys and how they work. He calls her Baby--it's adorable. Even Kate was in on the action, sharing sippy cups and pacifiers with anyone up for a taste-and doin the best army crawl I've ever seen. That girl can MOVE! We left about 12 to put Ava down for her nap. She's stopped taking her 10:00 nap, and lately decides that she doesn't and won't nap until 1. That being the case, she was quite crouchy this afternoon. She stood at the back door pointing to Hilary's house calling out "" so I scooped her up and we knocked again. Hilary introduced me to some really awesome youtube videos, can't ever get enough of youtube man! LOVE IT! We had tons of fun with them.
Chris and I decided to go out for dinner, since Ava was tired, but wouldn't nap. We all got in the car, and headed to TGI Fridays. I shared my dinner with Ava; she loved it, and really it made the dinner the perfect portion for me. Then, much to Chris's dismay, we went to Babies R Us to get presents for Kate and Alena's birthdays coming up. We weren't even there 30 minutes, but both Chris and Ava were more than ready to go...I could have been there another hour, easily. Something about shopping for baby clothes...I have a sickness. Really. I do. I scored and got Ava a fleece sleeper for $7 for when it gets cold. Hey, I realize it's 103 every day, but winter comes in Utah, and it stays...a long time. I only got one, because I'm not sure if she'll grow or how much by then...and didn't want to be TOO hasty. I also got her a winter hat/glove set for $1.50. Seriously. INSANE! It's purple and strawberry shortcake. It should match her snow suit perfectly!
Chris is off to Sonic right now to rescue his debit card. Yes, funny. As we're sitting at TGI, we get our check and he opens his wallet to display no debit card. He looks at me...asking if I have it and we tell the waiter we'll need a moment. AWKWARD?!?!? So, thankfully--I called SaJ, and she got online to transfer funds from our checking acct to Chris's project account, and we were able to pay for dinner and presents with no humiliation. The waiter got a good laugh out of it I'm sure. That was really stressful for a moment. Chris was positive that I was the last one to use the card, when I got diapers this afternoon at Wal*Mart, but upon returning home, and checking the Saturn, he spotted remains of our lunch at Sonic, which we got AFTER Wal*Mart..and gave them a call. Luckily, they had it, and so he's gone to rescue it. Tonight, we're going to build our new closet system. I got it from Ikea...which was the dark day that will not be blogged about, in hopes that the pain will melt in time. I hope that it turns out well. If not, too bad, these pieces are like 100lbs each. It should be entertaining getting them up the stairs. I'll soon post pictures of some of the changes made here at the Cope home. The kitchen, thus far, is my favorite. I really love that Bollywood Blue. Now if only I could get Lisa LaPorta to come do the rest of my home.


Mary said...

Sounds like you have been very busy. And having fun.

Bilary said...

How nice of you to speak so kindly of my stinkers when they can be such, well, stinkers! :) You are darling and we had lots of fun having you guys over here today! Anytime you want to play, come knock on the back door and I'm sure we will be here!

I can help you with anything on your blog that you need, but I think your blog is DARLING! You have done a fantastic job! I didn't even know that you had a blog, you silly. You should have told me! And on that note, can I add you to my blogroll? Okay, I will just do it, so will you tell me if you don't want me to? Talk to you soon!:)

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