Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mixed Feelings...

In May...we found out that the Title Commission was going to be amending the Marketing Laws--rendering about 90% of what I currently do for Inwest...no longer legal. It was rumored at that time, that the new laws would come into effect by July. Melissa called me immediately after she found out, so that I could 1. Hear it from her first and 2. Not FREAK OUT. I have a tendency to freak out when it comes to my job--and it being non-secured--which is why I think she kept me on even after Ava was born. I was so positive that I could pull it off, and do it better from home than anyone else could do it at the office...that she had faith in me. I've been so grateful for that trust the past 19 months. It hasn't all been a dream--but having my income, and my role as a mom has been innumerable blessings. Well now, July is almost over, and I am still here. As it usually can be expected, there have been delays in meetings, more dialog than action etc, but they have a new proposed date for passing the laws. September 9th.
No labels can be provided from Title Companies to Clients.
No leads may be generated by Title Companies.
No software may be paid by Title Companies for intent to distribute information to Clients.
Well--horray Utah, you have knocked out 90% of my working day.

There are many pros to this new set of laws being enforced. We pay out thousands of dollars a year in these programs, labels, my salary, to provide this information to clients--who do not always bring the business back our way. It's a 100% faith came, and if you put the faith and the leads into the wrong hands, you foot the bill with no rewards. Another exciting point is that instead of racing in lead time, we can finally be appreciated and known for our excellent Title Commitments and service. It gets us back to we're the best--because we provide the best Insurance and Searches...which is really what our clients should be concerned about in the first place. They are also raising the minimums for Title Fees to $250--so we will no longer have to fight these $75 closing fee companies that are a joke anyway.

It is bitter sweet. I know it's caused my FIL some great deal of stress, as it means that Inwest may no longer have a full time place for me. But, I think I'm ok with that. Especially since we have another baby on the way. I'm not sure how I'll figure out my day without racing to my computer, or sitting with a lappy glued to me awaitng lead requests etc....but I know that it'll be beneficial to Ava, as I'll have time to take her to parks, adventures, etc without worrying about what calls I may be missing--or emails that aren't being answered.

About 18 months ago...we started the Dave Ramsey plan of getting out of debt. We paid off over $20,000 in debt-my student loans, the credit card that Chris never held a running balance on but always had, and almost all of the car. We've got a good $7,000 left on it grrrrr stupid car loan. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!! Anyway--I see now, how that came into our lives at just the perfect moment. Because now, the idea that I may lose my job and we may lose my salary--isn't a panic or FREAK OUT. We can live on Chris's income alone. We're going to have the car note a bit longer than we may like, but we are going to be totally fine. We've been spending my salary on fun and throwing chunks of money at the car. And if we decide that it's no fun to have me without work, I've done just about everything legal anyway...so there are plenty of fall backs. Chris has worked extremely hard all his life, and now he's got the paycheck, that is about the same as what we made combined when we got married. How funny is that?

So, while I would be sad to leave Inwest as a full timer, I see the pros and the blessings...and I think we're going to be ok...that I'm going to be ok.


Bilary said...

What a blessing. It really does seem that this change is almost coming at a perfect time. You will have your hands full with two little ones, and the time flies with your kids. So you will be able to enjoy it more and not have any regrets. It is hard to be a mom, but so worth it! You are a great mom, and I am glad you will have more time devoted to "mommy time." You will love it!

daiseymae said...

The Lord blesses us in many ways we don;t always understand.

I too worked when we were first married. we wanted for me to be able to be a stay at home mom but could not see how it was possible. then I lost my job and things just worked out for us. I have never regretted being a SAHM but I have regretted recently going back to work. My kids still need me.

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