Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An Affair to Remember

Pizza and I go WAY back. It's been many great years, and now...for a while, I have to bid my love of pizza adieu. It seems that the baby doesn't just dislike Hunts spaghetti sauce, but tomato sauces in general. I am a MAD LOVER of tomatoes. I mean...I eat them like some people eat apples. Back home there's a place that makes a wicked white pizza--but I have yet to find a place in Utah that even offers that as an option. So long my love...until we meet again.


daiseymae said...

Pappa Murpheys take and bake.

You gotta try the stuffed chicken and bacon! We usually ask them to use the extra crust they put on the top and just make it a thick crust instead. They will look at you funny but they can and will do it.

It's the best whits sauce pizza I have ever had. Heck I like it better than regular pizza.

Havn't had pizza fpr a while, my mouth is watering now.

Bilary said...

Ditto Katherine. I was just going to suggest that. YUMMY!

I'm so sorry you are feeling crappy. Nothing like being pregnant and having all of your favorite foods make you sick. That's the worst. Hopefully it doesn't ruin it for you forever!

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