Monday, July 14, 2008

18 Month Well Check

Ava had her well check appt this morning. It was the first appointment in the last year that she didn't cry the whole time. I was really proud of her. She was shy though. She answered a few of the doctor's questions herself, and then turned to me for the rest. She's 32.5" and almost 24 pounds. Marshmellow. Her head is the largest part of her body--at 47.5 cm. Looks like she's taking after her daddy. :) She got a hep A shot in her left leg--which she was none too excited about, but she didn't cry for long, however now that we're home she's doing a walk-- walk-- whine routine. Poor little girl. She's done though-except for the flu shot each fall-until she goes into Kindergarden, so that's really nice.

When Dr. Strausser asked me for some of her vocab, I tried to get Ava to say the words themselves, but she was really shy. As soon as we get into the car, Ava starts running off the words she knows-puppy woof woof haha-duckie quack quack-it was unreal! She cracks me up.


Candace said...

Hey Deb!
I hope you don't mind me snooping around at everyones blogs! But I found yours through Hilary's and just thought I would say hello. Your blog is very cute! I hope you don't mind if I add you to my list? Let me know? Thanks!

daiseymae said...

They never want to perform when you want them to. Too funny.

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