Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some Wedding Pictures

Chris's sister-Natalie, got married on May 31st of this year. Her photographer --the ever fabulous RUSS DIXON-finally put her proofs up online. I've added some of our family. There were no pictures of us a family taken-just me, Chris and Ava--which makes me sad.
Also, it was a VERY long day for Ava--which is why she was not too camera happy.
If you have an hour to kill--and want to see some AMAZING photography, check out the shots here


daiseymae said...

Those are some GREAT pictures. I'm glad you shared them.

Bilary said...

Holy cow, Ava is STUNNING in these pictures. Not that she isn't always stunning, but I LOVE those shots of her. She is beautiful! Thank you for posting these! I loved them!

Candace said...

Love the pictures! Ok and can I just say what a small world it is....I didn't know that Natalie and Becca were Chris's sisters! They are a year younger than me but I went to HS with them! And so I'm assuming I did with Chris also? What year did he graduate? Small, small world!

Candace said...

So Chris graduated the same year my sister did. Thats funny! You'll have to go to her blog and see if he remebers her she's on mine under Alayna and Jake,I grew up in good old West Weber so we knew a few of the Hooper folks! Also Katie Heiner which I know is a cousin grew up just down the road from me, she's a cutie I love Katie!

Cami Vogel said...

Ava is SO darling. She is getting so big and BEAUTIFUL!!! I love her hair.

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