Friday, July 25, 2008

Worst Mother of the Year

So tonight, I did...the most stupid I have ever done...and I've done STUPID. We were returning home from taking Chris and his co-workers dinner. They are working late switching the network blah blah lots of hours of work. Chris had loaded up Ava and we waved goodbye and she and I headed home. When I pulled into the driveway and turned off the car, Ava said "KEYS PLEASE", and I handed her my keys, stepped out of my door, and without even a thought, locked my door. I then walked to her door to open it, and it was LOCKED. Chris had locked the door after putting Ava in her car seat. And there she sat, shaking the keys. I was horrified. I ran inside (thankfully I hadn't locked the house) and grabbed the find it was DEAD! Chrissy and her hubby saved my life tonight. They let me use their phone then came over with me to entertain Ava. I called a locksmith--who never showed. After waiting the given 20 minutes (which, HELLO MY KID IS LOCKED IN THE CAR...AND IT'S SUMMER) I called the police. Two sets came to my home and rescued Ava from the very hot car. Even though the sun had set, and prior to turning off the engine, we'd been blasting AC, the car was still VERY hot, and little Ava was all red after almost 40 minutes of being in the car. She was a real champ. She only cried a little, and kept up her spirits, while comforting her baby doll. She was calm and courageous. I am proud of her. She came in and we gave her a bath...and hopefully she will have no lasting effects from this nightmare. Please pass the horrible mention award this way...


Bilary said...

Oh crap. That stinks! I have done something similar and felt like a champ of a mom too. Don't worry. Hopefully this will be the one time your kid gets locked in a car. I swear it happens to every mom at some point. Glad she is okay!

And you know you can come over here for some rescuing any time!:)

Candace said...

Your not a bad mom. Things like this happen. When we first moved in I locked myself out of the house,I didn't know any neighbors to borrow a phone. I was in my PJ's and braless and 5 months pregnant I had to go door to door to find a phone to borrow! Nice way to introduce myself to the neighbors!

daiseymae said...

Don't feel bad at least it was an honest mistake and everything was okay.

Some crazy people leave their kid in the car to go in and watch a movie. I can't believe that someone actually did that to see the new batman movie on opening night. No movie is that important.

Besides you could always teach little Ava how to push the right button on the key fab to unlock the doors then she could do it for you next time.

I still think you are a great mom.

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