Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What is with my late night/early morning posting?

Ok I am making an insane habit of blogging past midnight. Someone has got to stop this MADNESS. Today...what happened today...oh yes! *takes a moment for the brain to kick in now and then* So about 9:45 this morning, as I was sitting on my couch watching some really boring cartoon with Ava--that's supposed to be super educational--in my robe with my bed head...I come to the shocking realization that I was supposed to be meeting a client with my boss at 10am in Layton. I can't even express the pure terror that raced through my body. You would never know this by our behavior, but I HATE being late. We are 98% of the time late everywhere we go, but I hate it none the less. I called Hilary-but she was headed to her moms with the kids--hope you had a blast btw! and thanks for being someone I know I can call frantically and that you'll understand my panic of gibberish. I called Angie and got no answer. I ran upstairs and faked a bun, and then threw on my blue suit---yeay for suits that make anyone look fab instantly~! I then grabbed the first pair of shoes I HEELS--grrr, and picked up Ava and diapers and started knocking doors. I wish I was kidding. Thankfully, Mary was home and was so sweet to let Ava come over. I didn't even realize that she already had 2 extra kids with her until I picked up that must have been a full house. I raced to the office, and got there 5 minutes late. We had a great meeting-none the less, and I was so excited to get home to my Ava Jayne. I sometimes go crazy working from home, but even when I am gone for an hour at the office, my heart aches to be with her. Is that irony?
So Ava napped and I worked. And then she woke up and we had pizza-because Chris had removed the disposal last night, but the store closed before he could get a new one. I took Ava with me to Lowes, which I can't seem to get enough of. Can I please go back to hating it? It's expensive to love Lowes. I ended up getting more paint supplies, and a new color--which I did my bathroom in tonight--not really sure if I'm lovin it. I may need a 2nd coat and a few days to judge. And a few opinions. This is the 3rd color I've tried in this space, and nothing seems to fit just right. LISA LAPORTA HELP ME!
In other news, Chris put in the new disposal, and then ran a cycle on the dishwasher. See, the disposal--post breakage, drained into the dishwasher, making a really unique and barf-like aroma. So, he figured he'd run an empty cycle--or 2 to clean it out. Only now...the dishwasher isn't draining. OI VEY! Which has inspired the following:

Dear Murphy,
Welcome to our home--obviously, you're enjoying your stay in our kitchen, as you move from one appliance to the next. I would greatly appreciate it if your cousins, broke-desperate-and stupid, would remain far far away during your visit to our we do have limited space for guests. May your sojourning leave you far far far away from our home...for a VERY long time.
Yours-but hopefully not for much longer,
The Copes

Chris-now feeling extra manly from fixing the disposal, and mounting our TV with the wires in the wall, and wiring Ethernet through the house, is confident he can take on the dishwasher. I told him I'm pretty sure it's under a year old...and there's a chance we can just call the company and tell them they sold us a piece of crap-and request they replace it with something not so crummy, however, he still wants to give it a shot. He's so smart. How I ended up with him I will never quite figure out. He's truly one of a kind.
Ava had a slight fever tonight--I think it's probably a reaction to her shot. One dose of tylonol and a bath broke the fever, and she let me rock her to sleep singing to her. I love when she lets me do that. It is the best feeling to hold her close and just watch her. I can't get enough of her. No matter how much I look at her, I am always finding new things, and constantly amazed by her beauty. Even though I dreamed of Ava, years before she came here, she is still far more than I could have ...comprehended.
Well, tomorrow and Thursday are marketing blitzes statewide, and thus I will be the only marketer "in" the whole day. I should probably that I'm at least somewhat human tomorrow.


Mary said...

It was fun having Ava over. I am used to having several kids over at once that was nothing i have had more they were all good. i would do it again no matter how many kids i have over.

Candace said...

I know the feeling of being away from your little one. I hate being away from Kade. I work three days a week away from home and it kills me. So I too love it whenever they will let you cuddle them just a little longer!

daiseymae said...

I now know how the being away from the kids feels. For my whole mommy life I've been blessed to not have to work and I used to wish for days away from the home.

Not so any more! I only spen a few short hours a week away from them but I hate having to leave, even though Mike is able to be home with them when I do.

I'll be glad wher he finds another job and I can quit working.

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